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methods of staining. It passes through bacteriological
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must ueed.s sympathize and which have been ably en
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to day consists of Mr. Henry P. Davidson of the American
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secondarily. The clinical picture is quite different. Sud
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only 175 retired pay when the special grant would bring up the
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reference in which the patient suffering from a stammer
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they at the request of tlie Board appear and give evidence as
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may fail in both classes of animals. Especial importance attaches to the
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This to some e.xteut met the difficulty although hardly
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operate with the Ministry of Health in placing its re
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could set alight to a previous existing but quiescent
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it is too active or disorderly or tumultuous he should
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suggested certain respects in which the inspector had
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discussion on the various topics dealt with followed and Dr.
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Temporary Lieutenants to be temporary Captains M. P. Thoma
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ment of a clerk to succeed a medical man it has appeared
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of the disease have returned to England during the years
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stated in the introduction to the list. The Library is open
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to continue it for long periods and he points out that iu such
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ot the constitution of Insurance onunittees. I lie approved
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Course of Surgery. He has written the book he says
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Koyal Army Jledical Corps and Eoyal ir Force Z fedical
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out and all his symptoms appeared to he due directly or
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brother in the next bed for nothing. The radiologist may
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of discrimination in which these several senses took a
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as an Endowment Fund which fund and any increase thereof
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vaccine treatment for vai ious pathological conditions m
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The notification in tbe London Gaiette of May 10th 1916 regarding
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tarded by lack of organization. By far the most promising
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on pathological psychology illustrated by cases of war
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ow and wandering in his speech but he Improved on stimu
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constitutional defects of the body chiefly of the nervous system in the
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fingers more commonly this is partial and the power of
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of cpidomio jaundice. This was uudoubtedly duo to the
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Thrombosis of pulmonary vessels which is not particularly uncommon
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could not bear an oue to approach the bed in whicu he was
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It was clearly an error of surgical judgement to have
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of the artery. In this article Cohnheim also considers the peculiarities
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A class of pyrogenic agents of far greater clinical importance than those



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