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for the work done. Here we have a service which consists
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being merely something added to the necrosis. This was not always clearly
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examination the thrombi were found to be partly organized. There was
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January 17th. Condition still improving. He was evacuated
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effective in improving the medical service of the com
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for poor sick clerics aud for foundlings. There was an insti
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The Arabian physician Ehazes described the so called subintrant malarial
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Advisory Council which will be the means of bringing
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tuberculous meningitis but there was no paralysis of
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January 3rd. Lumbar puncture fluid under pressure 20 com.
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del Chinchon and her body physician Juan del Vego in 1640 gave great
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ment Property Disposal Board of the Ministry of Munitions to
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flow iv. arterial dilatation from irritative or inflammatory influences
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Ijondon Hospital son of the late Edward Burlte of Earle Street
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elvoerin for some montlis. The virus of trench fever resists its
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The following are among the factors which may be adduced to explain the
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The following case presented the complication of obstinate
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same way. He moved tbat the functions of tbe Committee
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The Conditions of the award of Scholarships are stated
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will suftice. I had to meet tlie representatives of a miners
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to me be under the control of the Government in order
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may understand that this is still tho view of the Associa
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rank of its gratuity was submitted prior to issue for dis
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at 5 p.m. he became oollapsed and comatose and died oa
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inability to detect pulsation may have been due to the depth
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pulse rate may have increased to about 130 and be difficult
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by clinical examination the microscope and blood tests is



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