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GeneratorGear was created by a team including a generator sales and lease firm, a web organization, and a professional electronic engineer. We have accumulated a store of items available for sale from over twenty years involvement in power generation. These are new old stock as well as previously repaired items. 

Our goal is to extend the usefulness of generation switchgear by making older, sometimes not currently available electronic equipment available as tested, warranted replacements. We recommend that you consider buying spares that you may not currently have, but we can also provide replacement items on an emergency basis when necessary.

Besides the electronic items listed, we also have other stock available for immediate sale. We have 12.5 kV to 480/277 volt pad mount transformers, arctic generation modules up to 500 KW in size and other items, big and small, too numerous to mention. Send us an Email with your needs.

We also do custom electronics design upon request. We specialize in communications and power generations applications.

From its headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, GeneratorGear wants to solve your generation electronics needs.

email us at sales@generatorgear.com



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